With the advent of New Year, comes an onslaught of New Year’s resolutions.  For many, once January hits, we set out our ambitious intentions for the year ahead replete with enthusiasm and conviction. However the days that follow January 1st are forever a time of flux, and we can usually expect many changes in the prioritization of our goals in a short space of time.


We are now more than two weeks into 2017, and it is worthwhile to consider realistic and constructive efforts that can be easily maintained in the months ahead. 


In particular, practical positive resolves can provide a plethora of benefits for our seniors. Furthermore, by working together on an objective with an elderly loved one, your relationship will be reinforced and often revitalised.


Here are our top three resolutions for you and your special senior to consider in 2017


Learn a New Skill or Pursuit  

Self-improvement is essential at any age. There is an endless selection of new skills and interests suited to seniors; with options existing for just about every ability and age. As one example, knitting has innumerable benefits for the aged. Similarly, card games are good for mental and manual dexterity.


Something especially useful for the elderly might be to seek a better understanding of technology. Work with a senior in your life to teach them the basics of using a computer, tablet or smart phone. Not only will this instil a sense of success and accomplishment, it will also ensure that it is easier to stay connected with family and friends.


Implement a New Healthy Eating Habit

Eating better encourages feeling better, and no one’s diet is perfect. Everyone can benefit from some change to their eating habits, and these advantages are generally amplified with age.


If you add sugar to your tea or coffee consider reducing the amount by half. For many people the difference in taste is something they can easily adjust to over time. But over time, for a big consumer of hot beverages, the reduction in sugar is significant.


Alternately, you can also better your eating patterns by incorporating something new into your daily nutritional routine. Nuts are a wonderful source of protein, fibre and flavour – consider crushing them and using as a topper on existing meals.


Create a Diary or Journal

Journaling is a very worthwhile exercise regardless of your stage in life. It provides the opportunity to ponder on the past, but also plan for the future. With senior citizens, it can help them feel self-worth. Through self-reflective writing, one can better realize the importance and uniqueness of their own life.



There are many forms a diary can take - handwritten, typed, audio or video recordings. Together, consider what will work best for its author and subject.  If it is decided that creating entries will be a private undertaking, you can still support by through encouragement.