We all want what’s best for our families, and for those who are nearest and dearest to us. Many people find that embarking on choosing a caregiver can be a confusing and challenging process. But at Optimum Care, we pride ourselves in keeping the procedure a pleasant and organic experience. Your peace of mind is our business, and we are here to help.


A question that comes up again and again is, “What are the differences between private and public care?”


We have found that a fundamental distinction is in the experiences and satisfaction our clients have with our carers. Our experienced nurses and PSWs consistently have a profound and positive impact in the homes in which they are providing care and support.  We have made it our business to guarantee that we will care for your loved ones as you would.


There are two essential factors at the core of our care plans that we are always honoured to share.




We will ensure that our caregiver is a perfect match with your loved one.


Within our network of medical professionals we have carers with specialised training in conditions such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. This is an invaluable benefit in providing care in certain situations, but on top of this we will ensure that we are making matches with compatible personalities.


We consider likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests before we introduce a carer. We will take the time to get to know a client as a person, and create a homecare solution that is tailored specifically to their situation. Whether that includes playing cards, or talking about politics, complete compatibility will be key to our new relationship.




With public homecare the hours that can be provided are limited. Both in terms of the number of care hours your loved one will receive, but also with the scheduling of this time.


Optimum Care distinguishes our company by our first-rate flexibility and affability. We want to provide care at the times that you need it. We understand that as circumstances change, care needs will differ. We are in a position to be able to amend the itinerary of care with minimal notice and ensure you have the support when and where you need it most.


The public homecare system has many wonderful and dedicated carers. The value of the work that they do is immeasurable in terms of the differences they make in the lives of so many.  But their time with each client is limited, and resultantly their ability to foster relationships and rapport can be restrained.


With private care we can guarantee that no detail is overlooked, and the kind comments and recommendations we receive from our clients are the best reward for our work.